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YOUR GAME on the court determines your career as a footballer. For you to develop it, you need your place in the right team. Ballfuss offers support for fair contracts.
We plan your way together.

YOUR BODY as a professional footballer is a high performance machine. The better you care for this machine, the longer it will bring you full power. Ballfuss supports you with the right nutrition for you.
Together we keep your body fit.

YOUR HEAD is crucial as a footballer – not only in the header. From modern brain research, we know that your superior body control is in the cerebellum. Often mental decisions are made in advance, whether won or lost. Ballfuss accompanies your mental strength.
Together we make your head strong.

YOUR APPEARANCE is constantly present today. That’s why you as a professional not only look after your hairstyle. Ballfuss helps you to look good in front of the camera.
Together we will ensure a good appearance.

YOUR MERIT as a professional footballer is high – but not forever. Ballfuss advises on wise international investments, so that you’ll be better off later than a well-known tennis player.
Together we build up your fortune.